USEP's Role in Fostering Innovation Recognised by UN

The UNDP during festivities to comemorate the UN Day held a Youth Innovators Hangout at the Sheraton Kampala Hotel Gardens on the 24th October 2014. The Youth Innovators’ Hangout 2014 aimed to showcase the breakthrough initiatives on youth engagement and employment in Uganda. The best ideas and innovations in the country were showcased at the exhibition. Uganda Science Edication Programme's (USEP) role in fostering innovation in secondary education in Uganda has been recorgnised by the world body and invited to showcase some of the students and schools USEP is working with.

Out of over 54 USEP Schools' innovations, four were chosen for participation at the Hangout:

  1. Bio-Diesel by St. Kalemba Secondary School
  2. Electronic Hospital by Nsambya Girls Secondary School
  3. Inverter by St. Kalemba Secondary School
  4. Recycling Paper by Nsambya Girls Secondary School

The hangout targeted individuals or organizations that have implemented or are designing innovative solutions to improve youth engagement and employment. USEP is working with schools to improve on the quality of the teaching and learning of sciences by engaging students in science fairs completions, motivational talks and working with academic managers and science teachers to use learner centered methods. USEP also goes further to incorporate laboratory staff (who are largely under utilised in schools) in the teaching and learning of sciences via practically and laboratory support.

Exhibitors had the opportunity to showcase their innovations to the Ministers, ambassadors, UN staff and members of the general public that had come to see the innovations. The USEP Schools where among just over 20 exhibitors picked to participate in the hangout out of over 100 who applied.

The Electronic Hospital received critical acclaim at the exhibition for finally providing a solution to the problem of scarcity of doctors in rural centers. The innovation enables doctors many miles away to interact with patients without having to physically be present. It's a solution the girls at Nsambya Girls S. S. were proud to showcase.

USEP’s model has registered remarkable innovations amongst students in the schools under the the programme. USEP believes that with the recognition given to the students, at this higher level which pits the students amongst national innovators, and the opportunity to interact with ambassadors, an ember of inspiration has been lit which will propel the students further and higher in their pursuits of science.

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