Genius starts here
Dr. Abel Rwendeire has a look at one of the projects during a USEP Regional Science Fair
USEP Working with Schools to improve teaching standards
Through the use of the Academic Progress Scorecard, efficiency & effectiveness of science teachers is greatly improved
USEP Eastern Regional Science Fair 2016 at Dabani Girls Secondary School
Students at Dabani celebrate their victory during the USEP Eastern Regional Science Fairs 2016
Inspiration as Girls Take on STEM
Commisioner Dr. Kedrace implores the girls to continue their dreams in sciences
Hydraulic Robot
Students during the Regional Science Fairs proudly display their project, the Hydraulic Robot
Who is USEP?

USEP is a registered Not-For-Profit Non-Governmental Organisation that is working towards improving the quality of the teaching and learning of sciences and STEM in Uganda and also contributing to the promotion of the science prioritisation policy and vision 2040 of the Uganda Government through working with secondary schools.

What is happening in our schools?

With the above situation, Ugandan's will not be positioned to understand, interpret, select, use, transmit, diffuse, produce and commercialize science and STEM knowledge to innovate competitively in the global economy

What is USEP doing to change this?

USEP is working with secondary schools to ensure that every Ugandan student is a curious, creative, life-long learner applying their scientific knowledge and skills to develop themselves, their community and the country through a model below.

USEP's Model in schools

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